Demand Forecasting for Microsoft Dynamics D365/AX from Farsight Solutions is a fully integrated Dynamics D365/AX module that calculates forecasts of future demand (demand planning) for items based on sales order or invoice demand, and optionally production and projects demand, providing a powerful tool that enables companies to intelligently plan ahead.

Users can compare forecasts against history and manually adjust figures easily & conveniently, with graphical presentation of information to clearly display seasonal and other trends.

Demand Forecasting enables companies to generate sales forecasts using advanced industry-standard forecasting algorithms without the need to interface to non-Dynamics products. The inclusion of the Forecast Pro forecasting engine from Business Forecast Systems, Inc., Belmont, Massachusetts, provides customers with the power of an industry-leading forecasting solution and the ease of use of the Dynamics D365/AX product.

Major features are:

  • Automatic generation of forecasts using multiple formulas
  • Optional grouping of customers and items with similar demand characteristics to increase the accuracy of forecasts
  • Item supersessions to enable forecasting of new items based on demand history of old items
  • Adjustments to forecasts to allow for sales promotions and other events
  • Ability to manually adjust demand history to remove abnormal demand (outliers)
  • Optional documentation of reasons for manual changes
  • Graphical presentation of forecasts alongside history, with promotional forecasts clearly visible
  • Forecast accuracy measurement